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Why purchase whole beef?

Going to the grocery store these days can be scary.  Between increased costs and food shortages, it’s a trip we all dread.  Supply chain issues continue to wreak havoc on our food system with no apparent end in sight.  So many issues regarding the supply chain issues impact the amount we pay in the grocery store.  The supply chain has no impact on your ability to purchase whole beef!

Why the high prices?

Record high inputs and lack of availability for said inputs only drive the cost up more.  On top of that, the major packers seemingly have a monopoly on pricing among the issues, a major issue I’ll tackle another day! This is why I highly recommend the purchase of whole beef.

Living 45 minutes from a major grocery store, I fully understand the frustration of empty shelves.  To load up me and my kids between working my day job and helping on the farm on the weekends is a major headache.  I typically only head to town once a month because it is truly such a hassle.  Then, on top of not being able to fill my cart, prices have doubled as compared to last year.

How can I save money?

I did a quick comparison of where beef prices were in January of 2022 as compared to now.  Based on wholesale pricing found on the Cattleman’s Beef Association, the average cost last year was $5.97 per pound while this year is $9.36 per pound.  That’s a whopping 63% increase!  I don’t know about you but, maximizing my family’s grocery budget is of top priority. If you’re interested in viewing wholesale price data, click the link below.

Did you know there is a better way to purchase high-quality beef for your family?  You can buy a quarter of a beef, half beef, or a whole beef at a fraction of the grocery store prices, directly from a trusted local producer.  You don’t have to purchase individual cuts only from the grocery store!  Not only are you saving money on your overall grocery budget, but you are also supporting local farmers and ranchers, like my family.

Let’s break down the cost of beef in the grocery store.  For pricing, I used a local grocery with a strong reputation for purchasing quality beef.  Keep in mind choice is the highest grade available in the grocery store, so that is the grade we will be using.  When breaking down the cuts, roughly 25% will be steaks, 35% roasts, and 40% ground or trimmed beef.  If we have a hanging weight of roughly 700 pounds.  Keep in mind, this will not include processing. 

What’s the cost of whole beef?

The average cost of steaks in the grocery store is $12.12, the average cost of roasts in the grocery store is $7.84, and the average cost of all other cuts in the grocery store is $9.38.  On 700 pounds of meat, that gives you a total of roughly $6670 pounds.  When you compare our pricing of $4 per pound for whole beef, that gives you a total of roughly $2800.  That saves your family roughly $3870 over the course of a year on an entire freezer full of beef! 

Imagine being able to save $322 monthly on your family’s grocery budget over the course of a year!  What possibilities does that give you, save more, invest more, or a vacation?  Not only are you saving a huge amount of money, but you are also getting a better product than available in the grocery store.  You get fork-tender beef directly from your own freezer!  No more searching for bargain prices on meat, wasting time driving from store to store only to find they have no availability on hand.  

Imagine the convenience of being able to walk directly to your freezer to pull out beef for supper each night.  The freshness and flavor can be tasted in each bite.  As an added bonus, you are helping local farmers and ranchers.  You skip the entire supply chain, from the packers, wholesalers, and grocers, allowing you to get a quality product at huge cost savings.  Feel good about where your next meal comes from and remember, it’s okay to have beef with us!

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