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What’s keeping you from buying beef?

Over the course of the next few weeks, I will be breaking down a mini-series, if you will, surrounding the purchase of Prime Angus Beef.  We’ll give you an in-depth look at who we are, what we do, and why we do it.  We want to answer the question; what’s keeping you from buying beef?

We want to pull back the curtain so that you feel great about the beef you feed your family from a trusted local farmer.  Whether you are interested in buying whole beef, beef boxes, or individual cuts, we hope you look to us rather than the grocery store.  We’ll be sharing recipes, cooking, storage, and more and answering any questions you have along the way!

Who is behind Heartland Beef Co.?

Each week we’ll introduce you more to our lifestyle and why we decided to sell beef directly to you!

My name is Allie with Heartland Beef Co. and we’re here to provide you with the highest quality Prime Angus beef. As a 4th generation ranch family, we want you to feel good about the food you serve your family.

Heartland Beef Co. Is made up of myself, my husband, and our two children, and we enjoy nothing more than seeing our herd thrive. Our cattle are happily pasture-raised and grain-finished for superior marbling. 

Over the next four weeks, we’ll take a look at the following; 

  • Quality 
  • Value
  • Accessibility 
  • Community 


The quality of Prime Angus beef we provide our customers is of the utmost importance.  When finishing out our beef for butchering, we fatten them up for 120 days.  They are finished out on a grain mixture.  That mix is made up of dry distillers grain, cracked, soy whole pellets, and alfalfa pellets.  Our cattle enjoy a diverse diet of both grass and grain to produce perfectly tender meat


As we continue to deal with record inflation, I think we are all trying to stretch a dollar.  On top of the highest quality Prime Angus beef, we truly want to offer you top value for a top product.  The most economical way to purchase beef is always going to be in bulk beef shares.  Our Prime Angus beef is truly unlike anything you will find in the grocery store and is best comparable to high-end butchers and meat shops.  We feel that we still offer a superior value when you look at pricing.  


While we are located in the heart of mid-Missouri, we do delivery!  We have no problems making accommodations to meet up within 2 hours in a public and safe location.  While there will be a small delivery fee, we want to get that high-quality, valuable beef in your hands!  We are still hoping to ship sometime in the near future but to be honest, shipping materials are so incredibly high right now, we don’t feel we can offer that same value by shipping.  We’re not saying never, we are just saying right now.  


We strongly believe in the farm and ranch community and must better support one another.  By purchasing from local farmers and ranchers, you are keeping your dollars directly in your community.  You support both the beef farmer and the local butcher, two critical roles needed to keep the production of high-quality Prime Angus beef.  

We hope that each week, you learn more about us as a family and about our beef.  We truly want to see the beef industry as a whole succeed and want customers to know their beef is a nutritious and high-quality product and that you can trust your local farmer or rancher to provide you with the best! Our goal is to create a long-lasting and sustainable Prime Angus beef ranch to pass down to our children as well.

Know where our next meal comes from, it’s okay to have beef with us!

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