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This Thanksgiving, thank a farmer!

Thanksgiving initially began as a time of both celebration and reflection after harvest.  To this day, more than just farm families gather to reflect on the blessings of the past year.  Thought to have originated in 1621 after the first pilgrims’ harvest, Americans still celebrate this holiday today!  

So where does all this food come from?  

Farm families across the nation just like mine work tirelessly to produce food for your Thanksgiving table.  Did you know the United States is number one in turkey production?  Millions of pounds of sweet potatoes, cranberries, and ham are also consumed on Thanksgiving day.  All of which can be produced in the United States.  

While the average trip to the grocery store may be more costly this year, keep in mind farmers are making anywhere from 10-15% less on all commodities and livestock produced.  Farmers are also seeing double the input costs as compared to last year.  

Rest assured farmers and ranchers are doing everything in their power to keep costs down not only for themselves but for the consumer.  As a consumer, the best thing you can do is buy directly from a producer, like our family and the many other farm families out there who feel truly thankful to live the lifestyle we do.  

Some of the things we as a family are thankful for this year are; 

  • The health and happiness of our children and family.  Our children get to experience all the best parts of life.  They get to spend extra time playing sports and loving their animals.  We are also lucky enough to have family that lives close enough by to spend time with.  
  • The ability to live in rural Missouri and pursue a lifestyle we love.  Taking care of our animals and of the land is something we are proud of and truly enjoy doing.  Sunday is usually what we call our “family” day when we get to hop in our Polaris Ranger and ride and work on a project.  
  • We are also thankful for community support and an amazing friend group.  They have given support over the years in not only this but in other adventures.  They aren’t joking when they say, it takes a village!

Enjoy some of the pictures of the year we have had and we truly wish your family a Happy Thanksgiving and don’t forget to Thank a Farmer! 

Don’t forget, it’s ok to have beef with us! Shop our website by clicking the link below!

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