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How to Buy Beef

How do you decide how much Prime Black Angus beef fits your family? We are here to help! We will work directly with you and the butcher to make the best selection for your needs.

What do I get?

Quarter Beef

Half Beef

Whole Beef

  • Quarter
  • Perfect for limited freezer space
  • Typically 80-100 pounds of beef
  • 25% steaks, 35% roasts 40% ground beef
  • The front quarter will include: brisket, shoulder, chuck, rib roast, ribeye, short rib, soup bone, stew meat, and ground beef options
  • The hind quarter will include: sirloin, porter, t-bone, round, flank, rump, tri-tip, stew meat, and ground beef options
  • Half
  • Will fill half a large freezer
  • Typically 160-200 pounds of beef
  • Total customization of the entire half of beef. You select how thick you want your steaks!
  • Options include: brisket, shoulder, chuck, rib roast, ribeye, short rib, sirloin, porter, t-bone, round, flank, rump, tri-tip, soup bones, stew meat, and ground beef
  • Whole
  • Will fill an entire large freezer
  • Typically 320-400 pounds of beef
  • Perfect for large families
  • Will include the same options as a half beef but doubled
  • The most economical choice when purchasing beef

How is beef sold?

Beef is sold based on the hanging weight with additional processing fees paid directly to the butcher. Hanging weight varies by the animal but falls in the 550 to 800-pound range. Once the beef is delivered to the butcher, you will be notified of the final hanging weight and invoice from us. All beef shares must be picked up locally.

Did you know purchasing beef shares is the most cost-effective way to purchase beef?

Purchasing beef in bulk allows you to fully customize your beef! Did you know it is possible to save on average 25% on your grocery bill versus buying individual beef cuts from the grocery store? That’s a huge cost saving for Prime grade Angus Beef! And you get to decide exactly how your beef is processed.

How do I get my beef?

You will work directly with Heartland Beef Co. to coordinate delivery to the butcher, guidance on how your beef will be cut, and what day you can expect pickup. Once your beef is ready for pickup, Heartland Beef Co. and the butcher will contact you for pickup. At that point, you will make a final payment to Heartland Beef Co. and to the butcher.

What do I do next?

The next step is to contact Heartland Beef Co. You can click the links below to shop our beef, email, call, or text us with any questions. We are here to help you! We want to be your Prime Angus beef provider!

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