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What’s our Beef?

Now that you’ve had a chance to read a little bit about our family, we’d like to introduce you to our beef.  Our cattle herd consists of Black Angus Cattle.  We began with our original cattle herd 12 years ago, with just 5 cows.  Over the years, that number has grown drastically allowing us to pursue our passion for sharing our beef directly with consumers and sharing our farm and ranch story with our friends and family.  

So why do we believe in Black Angus Beef? 

To put it simply, for generations our family believes in the quality beef a Black Angus cow produces.  Tried and true, we can simply expect our cattle to produce a quality cut of meat, all the time, every time. 

Black Angus beef is all about superior marbling.  Marbling is the intramuscular fat content found in each cut of meat.  When talking about Black Angus beef, more fat equals more flavor, creating the most tender, flavorful, and juiciest beef.  Black Angus Beef is also considered to be graded in a class of its own, most easily compared to prime-grade beef on the USDA scale.      

So what’s the origin of Black Angus Cattle? 

Black Angus Cattle were thought to have originated around the 1870s in Kansas after arriving from Scotland.   They tend to be historically low-maintenance cattle.  They are known to throw an easy calf with a lower birth rate than other cattle breeds, however, their intramuscular fat content is more evenly distributed. Their black skin and hair also provide an advantage regarding certain health and environmental risks. 

Years of superior genetics and a combination of grass and grain diet allow us to in turn produce the highest quality beef product available to you! We believe in allowing our cattle to graze happily on grasses natural to our area and finish them out with a custom grain mix to maximize flavor.  

So how do you cook Black Angus Beef? 

Superior marbling allows us to cook Angus Beef at higher temperatures.  This means you can grill or broil the various cuts of beef without the meat drying out.  Our preferred method is to grab some Black Angus Ribeye steaks and sear them in a large Lodge cast iron pan with garlic butter.  From there, we broil for just a few minutes to our preferred rare level of doneness.  For a roast, season to your liking and roast on high heat in the oven until the meat pulls apart.  Both methods will allow your family to enjoy tender and juicy Black Angus Beef for supper tonight!   

Unsure of what pans to use? See my links below for Lodge cast iron. These are the only pans I use!

It’s ok to have beef with us!  

Where do I buy Black Angus Beef?

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