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The Community of Beef

Part 4- What’s Keeping You From Buying Beef

There is nothing quite like living in a close-knit community.  From church suppers to ballgames, you can feel the connection people have with one another.  The kind of community that truly helps each out when needed, whether it’s silently paying somebodies bill or raising funds for a life-altering event, it truly is something special. I truly think recent years I’ve seen a shift in the importance we place on community.   

Consumers are rejecting normal food and consumption practices.  We want the money we spend to be kept in our own communities.  Shopping locally is absolutely crucial to keeping our communities strong.  I love seeing so many new local businesses doing such cool things in small and rural communities!   From local boutiques and local restaurants, small businesses are the backbone of our communities.

When you purchase local beef, you not only help me and my family, but you help so many more!

  • Local Farmers and Ranchers
  • Local Butcher Shops
  • Local Farmer’s Markets 
  • Local Shops

Look at how many people you as the consumer have the ability to impact!  

Farmers and Ranchers

We are here to provide consumers with high quality beef, Prime Angus.  Your local farmers and ranchers are the ultimate fight against food insecurity.   Local farmers and ranchers often have direct connections with the communities they serve.  This direct interaction builds trust and fosters a sense of community, allowing consumers to have a better understanding of where their food comes from.  

Local farmers and ranchers contribute to the local economy by creating jobs and generating revenue. This requires labor, equipment, supplies, and services, which contribute to the overall economic activity in the community. Additionally, their products often fetch a higher price compared to mass-produced goods, resulting in increased income circulation within the local economy.

Local Butcher Shops

Local butcher shops often pride themselves on offering high-quality meat products. They typically source their meat from local farmers and ranchers, like our farm.  This will ensure your beef is fresh, sustainable, and ethically sourced and prepared to your specifications.  Butchers often have in-depth knowledge about different cuts of meat, and cooking techniques, and can offer advice or recommendations based on customers’ preferences. They may also provide custom cuts or special orders to meet specific customer needs.

By purchasing from a local butcher shop, you contribute to the local economy. These establishments often source their meat from nearby farmers and ranchers, supporting local agricultural businesses and the community as a whole. This helps to maintain local food systems, create jobs, and stimulate economic growth.  

Local Farmers Markets

Local farmer’s markets are community-based markets where local farmers, growers, and producers gather to sell their fresh produce and in my case, beef!  Since the products are sourced directly from nearby farms, they are often harvested at their peak ripeness.  Farmer’s markets can play a crucial role in improving food security and access to fresh, nutritious food. They provide an alternative to traditional grocery stores, particularly in areas with limited access to fresh produce. 

By shopping at farmer’s markets, you actively support local farmers and ranchers. The revenue generated from farmer’s market sales goes directly to these producers, enabling them to sustain their operations and continue providing fresh, locally sourced food to the community. This support contributes to the local community in both generating income and support back to each individual farmer and rancher, along with the grower who sets up the market.  

Local Shops

Local shops are essential drivers of the local economy. They create jobs, generate revenue, and stimulate economic growth within the community. By keeping money circulating within the local economy, they contribute to the overall prosperity and stability of the area.  These businesses reflect the local culture, interests, and values of the community.

Local business owners frequently engage with the community beyond their business operations. They may sponsor local events, support charitable causes, participate in community initiatives, and collaborate with other businesses. Supporting local business owners by choosing to shop at their establishments has a significant impact on the local economy, community vitality, and overall well-being, especially important in rural communities.  Many local businesses have adapted technology and use social media to drive business to both their local stores and online shop.  Not only can you shop local can you support them, but by sharing their products and message through social media, it’s a free and great way to support a locally owned business!  

By shopping locally, you are supporting your community’s economy and helping to create jobs for your neighbors. Local businesses often offer unique products and personalized services that you can’t find at larger chains. There are many ways to support local businesses, such as shopping at farmer’s markets, and participating in small business events.  

By choosing to shop locally, you are not only helping to sustain your community by supporting the local economy. Living in a rural community can present its own special set of issues.  While local people continually support local businesses, there is a high level of risk.  This is why it is crucial to offer continued support for ALL local businesses.  When one person in our community wins, we all win by creating a strong community for years to come.  

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