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The Benefits of Beef.

Did you know that beef is not only part of a nutritious diet (not to mention, delicious) but is also beneficial to the environment? 

Why are beef cattle so important? 

Beef can be an incredibly nutritious source of protein that can be sourced directly in the United States.  While the current trend appears to be a soy/plant-based diet option, the reality is the current amount of cropland cannot support our economic dietary needs.  There is just not enough tillable farmland available to support this theory. 

The amazing thing about cattle is that they make what could otherwise be described as unsuitable crop land usable again. Cattle naturally forage, meaning they spend their time eating natural grasses that serve no other purpose. Cattle play an integral role in carbon sequestration by changing food inedible for humans into a nutrient-dense meal. 

Are beef cattle truly bad for the environment?

  • Beef cattle also return nutrients back into the soil and act as natural weed control against otherwise invasive weeds. To maintain sufficient plant ecosystems, grazing is crucial to regenerate the plant’s lifecycle constantly. Better grazing practices can lead to increased soil efficiency and lower fire and drought risk.
  • In reality, cattle only contribute 2% of greenhouse gas emission output. Farmers and ranchers are consistently seeking out new technologies to achieve greater sustainability, both environmentally and financially. 
  • Beef is a protein-packed macronutrient produced right here in the United States.  We can economically and sustainably feed America. 

What makes beef so nutritious?

Besides being delicious, red meats such as beef are higher in zinc, iron, and B vitamins. One of the biggest benefits of eating beef is the iron content, decreasing the overall risk of anemia.  Beef is an excellent source of protein and is one of the most nutrient-dense sources of protein, we can consume thus improving overall muscle mass.  

(Chuck Roast)

Beef is also high in vitamin B12 which is not available in any source of a plant protein diet and is found to be present three times more than other protein sources.  B12 is crucial for the neural development and maintenance of the brain.  Beef also contains the highest amounts of magnesium and potassium.  

Beef is absolutely a crucial part of a healthy diet and an affordable option for your family.  As farmers and ranchers, we take the utmost pride in producing quality beef to feed America.  Feel good about where your next meal comes from, it’s okay to have beef with us!    

To learn more about the health benefits of beef, check out the nutrition fact sheet.

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