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How to buy Black Angus Prime Beef?

Want to fill that freezer up for the year but unsure how much beef you need to feed your family?  We are happy to help!  We sell our beef shares by the quarter, front or hind, the half, or the whole.  Beef is sold by the hanging weight at time of butcher and the beef hangs for 2 to 3 weeks.  

What does a quarter of beef get you? 

  • Typically 80 to 100 pounds of meat
  • Typically ⅛ of short ribs or brisket 
  • Will include 25% steak, 35% roasts, and 40% ground beef 

What does half a beef get you? 

  • Typically 160 to 200 pounds of meat
  • Better customization of steaks, you can pick just how thick they are!
  • Will include steak, roasts, and ground beef

What does a whole beef get you? 

  • Typically 320 to 400 pounds of meat
  • The most economical price per pound you can get!
  • Total customization of the entire beef!  

What kind of freezer space do you need for specific beef shares? 

A quarter of beef will take up approximately half of a small chest freezer or a quarter of a large upright freezer.  Half a beef will take up half of a large upright freezer.  An entire beef will take up your entire upright freezer.

How many people will my beef feed?

Typically a quarter of a beef is best suited for a small family of 2 individuals and 1 small child.  Half a beef is best for the average family, feeding 2 adults and 2 children.  Now if you’re anything like my family, we like the entire beef simply because it’s our favorite thing to eat!  Otherwise, a whole beef is best suited for a large family!

Need help deciding?  

Reach out to us!  We are here to help you decide what the best option is for your family!  We can talk you through the entire process, deciding which cuts you like and how thick each steak needs to be!  We truly believe beef is not only delicious but a nutritious essential protein for your family!  We want to be your beef provider and are here to help you!  

Short ribs in cast iron

How do I cook it? 

Personally, I love a good seasoned cast iron Lodge pan for all my beef recipes!  We sear, roast, brown, bake, and sautee, anything in our cast iron!  In the summer months, grilling by the river is another family favorite!  We keep a travel charcoal grill in the back of our ranger for when the mood strikes!  I’ve included some links below for my favorite cast iron pans and grill.  Remember, it’s okay to have beef with us!

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