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Farm Fuel; Field Meals

Amongst the hustle and bustle of planting and hay season, farmers and ranchers across the Nation spend their Spring and early Summer in the cab of a tractor. Often at the mercy of Mother Nature, farm wives never truly know when their farmer will head into the house for dinner. Enter field meals- a convenient option for those times when your farmer can’t be in the house.

Now, I do not do these every single day and a lot of days sandwiches will fill the void of hunger, however I do try my best to pitch in and help as much as possible. Other than hot meals, I have complied a list of other snacks and grab and go lunch options that fare well for this farmer.

What are some of my farmer’s favorite to go snacks?

  • Hard boiled eggs (easy because this girl has a chicken addiction)
  • Summer sausage and cheese
  • Jerky
  • Chips (I do try and limit the junk food but hey, these guys work hard all day)
  • Carrots and ranch
  • Rice crispy treats and brownies (again, they deserve a little treat)
  • Ham and cheese roll ups

We are big sandwich fans in this house, but we like a good sandwich. Being German, our favorite is of course a good deli bologna and a good hard salami. We are also pretty partial to real deli yellow and white American cheese. We so practically live off of a great sandwich in the busiest times of summer!

What are some of my farmer’s favorite sandwich options?

  • Classic white sandwich bread ( I do make all my own bread, grab my bread recipe here)
  • High quality deli meat (get this from the deli counter, trust me its the best)
  • Good cheese ( sliced American, my personal favorite, provolone, again visit that deli counter)
  • A good crunchy lettuce ( lucky for us, the garden lettuce is days away)
  • Tomato, but only when in season!
  • Spicy mustard
  • Mayo
  • Pickled banana peppers (ok, this is just for me, but so good)

Now, onto the main course. These are some tried and true recipes I’ve used over the years. They travel well, stay warm, and of course hit the spot after a long, hard day. Pack these up and head on out to the field. Maybe throw a farmer’s water (IYKYK) for an added bonus!

What do I use to pack up my field meals?

  • Aluminum foil, and lots of it! I always pack hot meals, etc in it to keep warm
  • Plastic utensils, dishes and napkins because who wants to go home and wash dishes
  • An insulated tote or casserole tote to keep your meals warm in transport
  • A trash bag. I have learned this the hard way, clean it all up so its not cluttering up the truck
  • The kids- sometimes it’s their only chance to see dad that day!

Here it is, the list of ultimate farmer approved meals!

Easy Beef Quesadilla
I like to clean any produce I have siting in the fridge for this. Onions, peppers, tomatoes, zucchini, you name it, I'm add it in!
Creamy Taco Pasta
This both travels and reheats well!
French Dip Sliders
The ultimate handheld meal to fill up any farmer.
BBQ Shredded Beef
Short on time? Throw this in your slow cooker and serve later in the field!
Ranch and Potato Casserole
Talk about your classic Midwest comfort meal.
Stuffed Shells with Sauce
A family favorite that makes for an easy weeknight meal.
Cowboy Baked Beans
An easy throw together meal for busy work nights!

This season as you sit down to a meal with your family, remember those who are still out in the field working hard. No farmers = no food!

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