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Christmas Traditions

Merry Christmas from our family to yours!

Each family has their own set of Christmas Traditions. From Christmas eve mass to opening one present early, we all have our own special thing “it’s Christmas” moment.

For us, it’s the hunt for the perfect Christmas tree. Much like the Griswolds, we trek into the woods annually and choose a tree that’s usually too large for our living room. Without fail each year, we usually pick the coldest day in December to wander out into the woods and this year did not disappoint. But nevertheless, we bundled up, and onward we went.

You might be asking yourself as I do every year, is this really necessary? The cold, the mess, usually there are some tears, yet the journey itself is always one of our fondest memories as a family each year. So much so, our kids have said they too will continue the tradition of a real Christmas tree!

To end our annual Christmas tree excursion, we finish it off with the Great Christmas Bake-off! A sugar cookie recipe handed down from my mom, we channel our inner baker and decorate cookies to our heart’s content. Friends and family alike take part in our cookie extravaganza. The occasional gingerbread makes its debut from time to time as well. And of course, we can’t forget our sweet puppy Lucy who so lovingly lays under the tree.

And lastly, I’ve seen this poem floating around for years and find it very fitting for the season;

10 Reasons why Santa could have been a farmer

  1. He works all year just to give his stuff away
  2. He’s good with livestock
  3. He knows how to get by with the same equipment season after season
  4. He works outside even in bad weather
  5. He’s good with kids
  6. His wife is an excellent cook
  7. He could stand to lose a few pounds
  8. He’s used to getting in and out of tight spots
  9. He covers a lot of ground in a hurry when the pressure is on
  10. He takes care of the needs of the whole world

Merry Christmas!!

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